Friday, November 07, 2014

The Viewing Deck Collections; Cheap Souvenirs (for Handcarry Backpack)

A souvenir (remembrance or memento, keepsake, or token) is an object a person acquires for the memories the owner associates with it. The term souvenir brings to mind the mass-produced kitsch that is the main commodity of souvenir and gift shops in many tourist attractions around the world. But a souvenir can be any object that can be collected or purchased and transported home by the traveler. The object itself is a symbol of past experience.

3-days in Batanes (2011)

2-days in Albay (2011)

3-days in Negros Occidental (2011)

2-days in Guimaras (2011)

4-days in Eastern Mindanao (2012)

3-days inThailand (2010)

2-days in Singapore - Malaysia (2011)

6-days in South Korea (2011)

3.5-days in Hongkong - Macau (2011)

6-days in Indochina (Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam) (2011)

indochina currencies souvenir money; vietnam dong, cambodia riel & laos kip (2011)

2-days in UAE (2012)

3-days in Lebanon (2012)

5-days in Egypt (2012)

7-days in Japan (2013)

23-days in Central Europe (2013)

7-days in Israel (2013)

2014 solo backpacking across 3 continents


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