Thursday, May 05, 2016

Final Kuwait Get-Away; Solo Adventures across Western to Eastern Asia

Winter Solo Trip from Kuwait to Iran, Malaysia, Nepal, Brunei back to Philippines
November 08, 2015 to February 20, 2016
Extreme Ultimate Journey as Farewell Tribute being OFW in Kuwait  

1st OFW Vacation; Comeback to my Homeland (Aug. 2012)
2nd OFW Vacation; Pinoy Backpacker China Invasion (Jan. 2013)
3rd OFW Vacation; Summer Solo Tour from Malaysia to Japan (May 2013)
4th OFW Vacation; Ultimate Solo Trip from Central Europe to Promised Land (Oct. 2013)
5th OFW Vacation; Winter Birthday Get-away from Georgia to Myanmar (Jan. 2014)
6th OFW Vacation; 2nd Ultimate Backpacking across 3 Continents (Jun. 2014)
7th OFW Vacation; From Winter Northeastern Asia to Summer Homeland (Feb. 2015)
8th OFW Vacation; 3rd Ultimate Journey across Summer Europe (Jun. 2015)

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." - Into the Wild

"Travel is rebellion in its purest form. We follow our hearts, we free ourselves of labels, we lose control willingly. We trade a role for reality, we love the unfamilar, we trust strangers. We  own only what we can carry, we search for better questions and not anwers. We truly graduate, we, sometimes, choose never to come back." - The TripRebel Manifesto

My final get-away (serves as my 4th Ultimate Backpacking also) as an Overseas Filipino worker for almost four years of stay in Kuwait. The map below shows the destination of my entire almost 4-months farewell journey. The countries included were Iran, Malaysia, Nepal and Brunei, my 56th to 58th new countries visitedThis farewell journey served as my extreme ultimate adventure and purely self-guided solo trip from arrival to departure.

Final Kuwait Get-Away; Solo Adventures across Western to Eastern Asia

Iran entry and exit visa stamps (Nov. 2015)

7 Days Solo Backpacking Winter Iran via Persian Gulf

Malaysia entry and exit visa stamps (Nov. 2015)

5 Days Impromptu Itinerary in Rainy Malaysia

Nepal 90-days multiple entry tourist visa (Nov. 2015 to Feb. 2016)

Maximizing the 90-Days Tourist Visa in Winter Nepal

Brunei entry and exit visa stamps (Feb. 2016)

3 Days Solo Tour in Summer Sultanate of Brunei

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