Tuesday, October 02, 2012

1st OFW Vacation; A Comeback to My Beloved Homeland

get-together for a Philippine backpacking escapade
August 01-24, 2012
24 glorious days

A vacation is like love: anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia. - Evan Esar

Another memorable and delightful quest in my life. Nothing beats the vacation on our own country. Life is short, so don't hold back on whatever dreams we have. Forgive like you have amnesia, believe like a kid, love like crazy, travel if you want and be yourself.

Thank you very, very much Lord almighty for this blessing. Having a 3-weeks vacation in my office department is like winning in a lottery with 10 numbers combination. Imagine the half-hearted scenario up to the last minute of my office work in July 31, I was so relieved wen I'm doing the assignment hand-over to my Immediate Supervisor. Though there are some awaiting minor items, this are inevitable. Even in the airport during my departure I'd still didn't believed that the occurrences were according to what I have planned.

The image below shows the converted jpeg from pdf of calendar of events on my entire 24-days vacation journey in the Philippines.

my 24-day vacation plan in the Philippines
hagimit falls in samal island, davao

jack's ridge in davao city

Aug 01 EDA Manila
Aug 10-11 House Arrest / Movie Marathon (rainy season in Metro Manila)
Aug 22-23 House Arrest / Family bonding
Aug 24 EDD Manila

aliwagwag falls of Cateel, Davao Oriental

tinuy-an falls of Bislig, Surigao del Sur

siargao island beach shore

All of the roundtrip tickets for this travel were purchased from 11-11-11 promo fare last year and 143 sale of Cebu Pacific. Imagine how much money I save for a group composed of 5 adults. For Davao trip, the duration was initially on aug. 02 night to aug 04 very early in the morning only when I bought the ticket at 11-11-11 promo. But since another seat sale arrived after 3 months, I immediately decided to buy another set of tickets to change our aug. 04 stay which was to depart davao at night. Not just that, I bought additional 2 sets of roundtrips for me and my sister. Its because on initially, both of us did not even intended to join due to OFW work status. For the puerto princesa, the plan just came out when I'm scrolling the cebupac website the night of 143 sale.

Italula beach, part of el nido island tour A

snake island, part of el nido island tour B

circque du soleil on Aug. 16 has just came out wen I arrived, I did not know they came back to the Philippines after successful shows last year in Luneta park where we did our 1st Lakbay-Rizal saga with fellow online buddies.

August 17-20 was supposed to be my 20th solo backpacking that will occur in Caramoan, a train going there and an aircraft on departure. Due to the massive destruction created by the Moonsoon rains in Luzon and an enticing invitation by the Bakasyonistas, I cancelled this trip. I just wasted my 1-way cebu pacific piso sale ticket for only less than 300 pesos and with no precise itinerary made yet. I even bought a huge kite just to give attention to this 1st laidback trip of mine.

cirque du soleil performers after the show

liwliwa beach kite flying trip

claimed my 4 travel photobook collections

Anyways, let's get-over on this drama and proceed  to the 24-days wacky and wild vacation leave.


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