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Philippine Embassy Requirements on Kuwait Visit Visa for Family

bringing my family to my new home...

Direct Hire Travel Document Process to Kuwait
In State of Kuwait as an OFW

" In truth a family is what you make it. It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dinner table, but by the rituals you help family members create, by the memories you share, by the commitment of time, caring, and love you show to one another, and by the hopes for the future you have as individuals and as a unit... "

Working abroad is typical for a Filipino family who has dreams to fulfill. As one of those very fortunate ordinary employee, I grabbed also the chance to bring my immediate relatives to feel the taste of how is it living abroad. After I have lasted the probationary period and surpassing the most unimaginable hardships I have ever encountered in office, now its the time to set free and share the reward. I am currently working in State of Kuwait, the most notorious nation among the GCC affiliates in terms of visiting non-locals. I asked by email directly our Philippine embassy last July 15, 2012 2000H regarding the requirements and the process on how to bring my family here. Guess what, Philippine embassy in Kuwait immediately respond to my email July 16, 2012 1500H by Miss Maria Sheila Monedero (3rd Secretary and Vice Council) in behalf of the Ambassador, around only 19 hours waiting time. The best service I have ever experience since I requested a query to any Philippine government, that is why this post has been written to acknowledge this simple effort. Though for others this is just a usual case, for me it means a lot, due the email reply conforms and justifies the queries in mind...

New Philippine embassy in Kuwait office location (red dot)

email query and response of Philippine embassy in Kuwait

The following was the response made and how they stated exactly as I wanted...
Much of thanks Philippine embassy ^_^

In response to your email dated 15 July 2012, the Embassy wishes to advise you that you may sponsor the visa of your relatives by presenting the following requirements to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior:

1. Salary Certificate of the sponsor showing that sponsor is earning at least KD 250 per month;
2. Photocopy of the passport and Civil I.D. of the sponsor;
3. Photocopy of the relative's passport;
4. DFA-Authenticated Birth Certificates showing the relationship between the sponsor and the persons invited that is re-authenticated by the Philippine Embassy here in Kuwait and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait:
  - For your mother, you need to present your DFA-authenticated NSO birth certificate;
  - For your sister, you need to present your DFA-authenticated NSO birth certificate and your sister's DFA-authenticated NSO birth certificate;
  - For your nephew, you need to present your DFA-authenticated NSO birth certificate, your sister's DFA-authenticated NSO birth certificate and your nephew's DFA-authenticated NSO birth certificate;
5. Certification from the Embassy expressing your intention to sponsor the visa of your relatives (Please present to the Embassy the required DFA-authenticated certificates showing the relationship);
6. Fee for the visa (Please inquire from Kuwait immigration authorities).

Philippine embassy in Kuwait advisory for 2012 new location

Philippine embassy in Kuwait advisory for 2012 new location

Upon securing a visa from the Immigration Department, the sponsor must return to the Embassy to execute an Affidavit of Support and Consent (English) to be presented to the immigration authorities in the Philippines. In order for the Embassy to notarize the said Affidavit. the sponsor must present the following:

1. Photocopy of the passport and Civil I.D. of the sponsor;
2. Photocopy of the passport of the persons being invited;
3. Copy of the visas with English translation.

The sponsor may then send a copy of the visa and the Affidavit of Support and Consent to the persons invited to enable them to leave the Philippines. For visit visa holders, please be advised that the Bureau of Immigration requires the persons invited to have confirmed round-trip tickets.

new Philippine embassy building in Faiha, Kuwait

new Philippine embassy in Faiha, Kuwait (payment section)


Office Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

New Address (July 2012):
Block 6, Villa 153 Nouman Bin Basher St. corner Damascus St, Faiha
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 26288 Safat 13123 State of Kuwait

Telephone No.:     (+965) 2252-8422; 2251-1806
Hotline Number:    (+965) - 65184433
Fax No.:                 (+965) 2251-1805


Step-by-step Procedure of Transaction;
1. Go to Philippine Embassy, fill-up visit visa form from the guard-on-duty then go the Processing window for requirements assessment. Attached DFA authenticated birth certificate, photocopy of it and passport photocopy (translation is not needed). Pay 7.5kd to cashier, claiming will be on the next day.
2. Go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kaifan or in the 2nd floor of Liberation Tower Government Hall. Office hours is from 0800H-1200H and 1700H-1900H. Stamp is 5kd.
3. Go to Department of Immigration in Farwaniya, secure a translated filled-up visit visa form for only 750 fils. Then go inside, show your documents then wait in windows 19-41 for your turn.

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