Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zambales - Tarlac 2 Days Laidback Trip (Liwliwa - Isdaan)

a laidback trip before going back as an OFW
august 20-21, 2012 monday-tuesday

"I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." - R. L. Stevenson

Nothing much to say, I made this trip just to be reunited, have a chilling moments with Bakasyonista friends and share life beyond travel. My 1st self-proclaimed laidback and nth time get-away with them. The kite in the picture is part of my surprise plan to enjoy this laidback activity. Though We tried hard to make it fly, wind was not friendly that time. We just used it as part of our fun photoshoot for the day.

Barangay Liwliwa is part of San Felipe town, Province of Zambales. Liwliwa beach is a place for skimboarding and surfing. 

We stayed overnight in The Circle Hostel, the 1st of a chain of budget friendly eco-hostels in the Philippines. To know more about this hostel...

liwliwa beach, san felipe, zambales

liwliwa beach, san felipe, zambales

liwliwa beach, san felipe, zambales

the circle hostel at liwliwa beach, san felipe

the circle hostel at liwliwa beach, san felipe, zambales

san felipe, zambales


day one: august 20 monday
0400H ETD house, jeep bound to edsa (25)
0500H ETA victory liner monumento via bus (11)
0600H ETD caloocan bound to San Felipe, Zambales, aircon bus (287)
0930H ETA Bobulon Elementary School
walked almost 4km to The Circle Hostel
1000H ETA The Circle hostel, Liwliwa beach (350)
exploring the place, beach nearby sightseeing
1130H lunch (68)
beachbumming, photoshoot, kite-flying, chit-chat, snacks (60)
1900H dinner (68)
siesta, chit-chat, socials
2300H sleep

day two: august 21 tuesday
0800H breakfast (68)
videoshoot, beachbumming, painting
1030H ETD Liwliwa
walked almost 4km to main road (highway)
1330H ETD San Felipe bound to Olongapo bus terminal (61)
1400H ETD Olongapa city bound to Gerona, Tarlac, aircon bus (232)
1730H ETA Isdaan restaurant
photoshoot, sightseeing, food tripping, taksyapo activity (246)
1900H ETD Isdaan restaurant bound to Manila (166)
2300H ETA quezon avenue (25)


taksyapo area at isdaan restaurant, gerona, tarlac

isdaan restaurant, gerona, tarlac

isdaan restaurant, gerona, tarlac

After on that activity in Zambales, We decided during our chit-chat to spend our next itinerary in Isdaan restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac.

isdaan restaurant, gerona, tarlac

isdaan restaurant, gerona, tarlac

This meal is called as budbud lechon together with papaya fruit shake and mineral water that costs 241 pesos only (tax included).


  1. Love the photo of the field in San Felipe, Zambales! Been meaning to check out Circle Hostel, seems like a great place to stay and meet travel-loving people. :)


  2. Your vacation for 2 days is very interesting and very fun. In addition, your surfing is also not less fun huh. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about holidays and surfing.


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