Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2nd OFW Vacation; Pinoy Backpacker China Invasion

a winter vacation alongside with my birthday celebration
January 25 to February 09, 2013
16 glorious days

1st OFW vacation; a come back to my homeland

After attempting to file my 2nd OFW vacation leave twice last December 2012, finally and thankfully,  it has been approved. Wasting the purchased plane tickets bought last promo fare from Cebu Pacific Airlines for Vietnam and Mainland China was indeed worthy.

The image below shows the converted jpeg from pdf of calendar of events on my entire 16-days vacation journey. Most of this was in Republic of China with Philippines, my hometown, as my airport of origin.

my 16-days vacation plan mostly in Republic of China

Overlooking Huangpu River, Shanghai City

Mt. Huangshan, Anhui

Mt. Huangshan, Anhui

Great Wall in Mutianyu, Beijing City

Nanshan ski resport, Beijing City


Jan 25 EDA Manila
Jan 26 - Feb 01 Shanghai-Huangshan-Beijing solo backpacking
Feb 02 - Feb 06 Hongkong-Macau family tour
Feb 07 dinner / videoke night trip with friends
Feb 08 Mt. Taal Volcano hike

Feb 09 EDD Manila

This vacation was among the expensive plane tickets purchased on my entire backpacking (leading by Egypt last October 2012 and India last May 2012). This was due to postponed vacation leave that was originally on 1st 2 weeks of December 2012, then planned again in last week of December 2012 to 1st week of January 2013 but not approved once more. In this regard the following plane tickets was wasted and forgot to re-booked because I thought promo fare tickets are non-rebookable. By the way, the trip to Mt. Taal crater was just planned only in a facebook conversation, informal but fortunately came true.

Avenue of Stars, Hongkong

Nan Lian, Hongkong

Disneyland Hongkong

December 01-05, 2012 Manila-Hanoi-Manila
- purchased last May 01, 2012 promo fare at PhP16,268 for 4 passengers
December 06, 2012 Manila-Shanghai
- purchased last May 01, 2012 promo fare at PhP1,609.90 for 1 passenger
December 12, 2012 Beijing-Manila
- purchased last May 01, 2012 promo fare at PhP2,696.00 for 1 passenger
December 22, 2012 Caticlan-Manila
- availed privilege due to delayed flight at PhP1,000 for 4 passengers
December 24, 2012 Manila-Shanghai
- purchased last Nov. 15, 2012 at PhP5,127.75 for 1 passenger
January 02, 2013 Xiamen-Manila
- purchased last Nov. 15, 2012 at PhP2,260.15 for 1 passenger
January 24, 2013 Manila-Shanghai
- purchased last Nov. 15, 2012 at PhP2,296.25 for 1 passenger

To sum it up, an awful PhP31,258.05 = $781.45 was wasted due to unapproved vacation leave. Needless to say, travel addict indeed.

Wynn performance lake, Macau

The Venetian Hotel lobby, Macau

fortune diamond show, Galaxy hotel

Anyways, let's get-over on this drama and proceed  to the 16-days chilling and thrilling vacation leave.


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