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6th OFW Vacation; 2nd Ultimate Backpacking across 3 Continents

extreme adventure on my 4th year as travel addict
June 27 to August 15, 2014
51-days longest set of vacation as an OFW 

1st OFW vacation; Come back to my homeland
2nd OFW vacation; Pinoy backpacker China invasion
3rd OFW vacation; Summer solo tour from Malaysia to Japan
4th OFW vacation; Ultimate Solo Trip from Central Europe to Promised Land 
5th OFW vacation; Winter Birthday Get-away from Georgia to Myanmar

“Take vacations... Go as many places as you can.
You can always make money... You cannot always make memories” ― unknown

Getting away does not necessarily imply flying south or anywhere else for that matter. The key is to find a setting that will allow you to leave all your worries behind. Some people manage to do it from home, although a change of surroundings often helps one to disconnect from daily concerns. Simply turning off the cell phone and opening a book under a tree in a city park can be a great getaway! Some studies have found a positive relationship between vacations and intellectual function.

6th vacation as an Overseas Filipino worker for more than 2 years of stay in Kuwait. The image below shows the converted jpeg of calendar of events on my entire 51-days vacation journey. The countries included were United Kingdom, Morocco, Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, 2nd visit to Japan and Philippines, my homeland.

6th OFW vacation; 2nd Ultimate backpacking across 3 Continents

6th OFW vacation; 2nd Ultimate backpacking across 3 Continents

packing the entire most required stuffs in one single backpack for 25-days Western Part

My 2nd time to spend a very long Vacation Leave as on OFW in Middle East. The 1st time was 38-days in Central Europe and Israel last October-November 2013 only (just after 7 months). I used my country of work as airport of origin due to proximity in fulfilling my dream beyond to travel the world. From Kuwait to United Kingdom (Europe) then to Morocco all the way to Turkey (Asia) afterwards to Kenya and Tanzania (Africa). Going back to Kuwait then fly to Philippines, Indonesia and a revisit to Japan. 


June 27-July 03; England, United Kingdom (London, Salisbury, Bath, Oxford)

July 03-06; Morocco (Marrakesh, Sahara desert, Casablanca)
July 07-10; Turkey (Selcuk, Pamukkale, Cappadocia, Istanbul)
July 11-13; Kenya (Masai Mara Safari)
July 14-21; Tanzania (Mt. Kilimanjaro Machame route)
July 24-29; Philippines (CARAGA Region)
August 02-05; Indonesia (Bali)
August 07-13; Japan (Nagoya, Mt. Fuji Yoshida trail, Tokyo)

United Kingdom visa for multiple entry general visitor

Morocco visa on arrival stamps

Turkey newly implemented e-visa (left) and its visa stamps with Indonesia (right)

I called this trip as the most extreme and expensive travel I ever planned because of the highlight adventure for every countries included. 1st was the 21.7km biking to Stonehenge in Salsbury to Amesbury, England of United Kingdom. 2nd was the camel back-ride to Sahara desert night camping in Morocco. 3rd was the parachute gliding above the cotton castle and balloon flight ride in Turkey. 4th was the Masai Mara safari ride and camping in Kenya. 5th was the 6-days Machame route for 5,895masl trekking of Mt. Kilimanjaro. 6th was a family road trip in Northeastern Mindanao of Philippines. 7th was the river white-water rafting and tubing in Bali, Indonesia. Finally, revisiting Japan for the 3,776masl trekking to Mt.Fuji via Yoshida trail.

Kenya visa on arrival sticker and stamp

Tanzania visa on arrival stamps

Japan visa for single entry temporary visitor

Japan visa stamps and Philippines arrival & departure stamps

Anyways, I divided this wonderful journey into different set of posts to be more specific on its content;

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