Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Viewing Deck Collections; Cable Cars/Gondola Lifts/Ropeways

Gondola lift is a type of aerial lift, often called a cable car, which is supported and propelled by cables from above. It consists of a loop of steel cable that is strung between two stations, sometimes over intermediate supporting towers. The cable is driven by a bullwheel in a terminal, which is connected to an engine or electric motor. They are often considered continuous systems since they feature a haul rope which continuously moves and circulates around two terminal stations. In Japan, all the systems above are regarded as a same kind of rail transport and called ropeway while telpher in China.
Gudauri Ice Skiing Cable Car (Republic of Georgia 2014)

Masada Palace (Israel 2014)

Cologne Rhine Cable Car (Germany 2013)

Dachstein Cable Car to Ice Cave (Austria 2013)

Mt. Pilatus Cable Car (Switzerland 2013)

Hakone's ropeway overlooking Mt. Fujiyama (Japan 2013)

Hiroshima's ropeway alongside Mt. Misen (Japan 2013)

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car (Hongkong 2013)

Mt. Huangshan's cloud valley telpher (China 2013)

Great Wall's cable car (China 2013)

Ocean Park Cable Car (Hongkong 2011)

Camp Sabros, Philippines(2010)


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