Monday, November 12, 2012

El Nido las part; Family Trip on Island Tour B

4-days budget DIY family get-away for el nido island hopping
sunday to wednesday august 12-15, 2012

Since there is upcoming storm or monsoon rain that day, our initial plan is to avail the island tour C. The tour guide changed it to tour B due to the allocation is not much on far along the el nido coastal.

budget travel tips:
1. on island tours, ensure that the nature landmarks are visited COMPLETELY as what they publicized.
2. some island tour package give discounts. Example on us, they give 100 peso discount on our island tour A. Thus, I paid only 600 pesos per pax. I heard some gave kayak experience for 1 hour rental free.
3. Kids age 6 yrs and below are FREE OF CHARGE on boat tripping and accommodation.
4. it is advisable to avail accommodation on beachfront compared to downtown area.

el nido beachfront accommodation

look closely how fine the white sands are in el nido islands

helicopter island included in tour D

sightseeing for 5 minutes in cathedral cave

entrance to cudognon cave

inside cudognon cave

the island tour team composed of 4 boat crew and 2 set of tourist group

boat going to snake island

snake island at low tide

my family in snake island

bukal beach


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