Thursday, November 08, 2012

El Nido 1st part; Family Trip on Island Tour A

4-days budget DIY family get-away for el nido island hopping
sunday to wednesday august 12-15, 2012

We woke up around 0730H to avail the free breakfast included in lodging. Also, if you have children below 6 years old, he/she is free of charge in lodging, food, and island trip experience.

Hadefe lodge also provides island tour. We started our 2nd day on an island tour package A which includes the big lagoon for sightseeing, small lagoon for snorkling and swimming, shimizu island for fish feeding, italula beach for our lunch and finally in 7-commando beach where I spent playing beach volleyball with other fellow tourist and local residents. Island tour A is 700 pesos per passenger which includes the tour guide fee, lunch (rice, vegetable salad, fruits, grilled pork/ chicken/ fish) and bottled water. Mask & Snorkel and kayak is for rent upon request.

entrance to big lagoon

some tourist on kayak inside big lagoon

boat going inside big lagoon

some part of big lagoon

Did you know that ...
- The archipelago in the game Chrono Cross is called El Nido.
- The 3rd and 10th seasons of Expedition Robinson, a Swedish version of Survivor, was shot in Cadlao Island in El Nido in 1999 and 2009.
- Leg 12 of The Amazing Race 5 was shot in the Bacuit Bay of El Nido in 2004.
- The "Desert-Island Special Challenge" or the episodes 59 and 60 of the 3rd season of the most-outstanding comedy program in South Korea, Muhan Dojeon, was entirely shot in El Nido in 2007.
- All 10 episodes of the 7th edition of Les Aventuriers de Koh-Lanta, the French franchise of the popular reality American TV show Survivor was entirely shot in El Nido in 2007
- Some of the scenes of the 4th installment of the Hollywood movie entitled Bourne Legacy (2013) are filmed in El Nido.

to know more about Hadefe cottage's rate...

going out of small lagoon

itulila beach for our lunch break

itulila beach for our lunch break

fish feeding activity nearby shimizu island

7-commando beach of el nido

7-commando beach of el nido

7-commando beach of el nido

7-commando beach of el nido


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