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Christmas Week-End Itinerary to Boracay

A Christmas weekend solo backpacking special
December 23-26, 2011 Friday to Monday

We all know that Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration in the world, that is why when the real day comes, every typical Filipino is at full enjoyment celebration regardless of their current status.

boracay island white beach

boracay island white beach

willy's rock on boracay island white beach


December 23,2011 FRIDAY
1200H ETD cubao
          aircon bus bound to iloilo drop-off to caticlan port (1,100)
          stop-over to alabang bus terminal to pick-up pax
          stop-over to batangas city bus terminal to pick-up pax
1630H ETA batangas pier
          late lunch (80)
1830H ETD batangas pier
          RO-RO ferry, terminal and ferry fee included in bus fare
2100H ETA calapan pier
          aircon bus continous to ride
          stop-over dinner (80)

December 24,2011 SATURDAY (christmas eve)
0200H ETA roxas pier
          RO-RO ferry, terminal and ferry fee included in bus fare
0300H ETD roxas pier
0800H ETA caticlan jetty port
          environmental fee (75)
          terminal fee (50)
          boat fee (25)
1000H ETD caticlan port
          tricycle bound to boat station 1 (25)
          forest hill resort - fan room, single attached w/ private cr (1,200 for 2 days)
          lunch (135)
          beach photo-ops
1400H ETD guesthouse
          tricycle bound to crystal cave (20)
          guide + habal-habal roundtrip (350)
          cave entrance fee (50)
1530H ETD crystal cave
          tricycle bound to plaza (20)
          souvenir shops (545)
1800H dinner (71)
          night stroll
          food trip (78)
2200H bar drinks (240)

boracay island bulabog beach watersports

boracay island crystal cave

lantern festival in boracay plaza

December 25,2011 SUNDAY (christmas day)
1000H ETD guesthouse
          balabag beach watersports sightseeing
          mt. luho view deck (60)
1300H lunch (96)
          snacks (48)
1800H dinner (78)
          beach stroll
2100H bar drinks (131)

December 26,2011 MONDAY
0700H ETD guesthouse
          tricycle bound to ferry port (25)
          terminal fee (50)
          boat fee (25)
0800H ETD boracay island
          RO-RO ferry bound to roxas port (368)
          terminal fee (20)
1000H ETD caticlan port
1430H ETA roxas port
          aircon van bound to calapan port (160)
1700H ETA calapan port
          supercat ferry bound to batangas pier (270)
          terminal fee (20)
1730H ETD calapan pier
1830H ETA batangas pier
          aircon bus bound to cubao (175)
2100H ETA cubao

TOTAL EXPENSES: 1,360+2,884+413+1,113 = php5,770

starbucks boracay tumbler

boracay island at night


  1. hi! thanks for this very helpful information... :)

    planning to celebrate my birthday sa Boracay (January 07, 2012)... I have one-way ticket only (Manila-Caticlan - January 05 via Cebu Pac)... waiting ako ng promo para sa pabalik... but it seems na wala na talaga... then, sabi ko next year ko na lang ituloy 'yung plan ko... but buti na lang follower mo ako kaya, tuloy na plan ko! :) bale 'yung pabalik na na lang 'yung gagawin ko... konting research pa! =) and kailangang i-master ko ang way pabalik (baka kasi maligaw ako)...

    by the way, may contact# ka ba ng forest hill resort? nag-google kasi ako but wala ako makitang website nila... wala pa din kasi accommodation...

    haizt... go na talaga ito! :) magandang simula for 2012...

    thanks thanks again... ^_^

    1. @Annetotz; 1st and foremost po, di nakakaligaw yung way back and forth, as in andyan agad ang mga sasakyan ... wala po ako contact nila eh, as my usual thing, palaging walk-in inquiry lang ako ...

      how to go to forest hill resort ..
      ask tricycle driver to bring you to forest hill resort w/c is at the back of the church, station 1 plaza ... all of the locals knows this...
      fare is only php25 per person.... thanks for reading po ^_^

  2. galing ng IT mo super tipid..subukan ko din mag landtrip lang from Cebu. Happy New Year

  3. Alone? Wow.. gusto ko rin yan.. And I'm wanting to see Boracay this 2012! Happy new year po! ^_^


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