Sunday, July 17, 2011

Batanes 1st Day; Batan Island Group Tour

holy week specials for a unique philippine province
april 21-24, 2011 thursday to sunday

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my budget at limited amount of time.
additional tasks: to conquer this 3 famous place of batan, sabtang and itbayat islands and taste there local delicacies


by the way, this trip was supposedly a solo backpacking but since the entire duration was a religious holiday especially for the ivatans, irregular schedule of public transpo has been implemented. in addition, tour services rented public transpo vehicles due to the volume of visited tourist. on that reason, i have no choice but to hitched in a package tour offered in the hiro's cafe. this was also the package tour availed by my travel-mate, the difference was inclusion of meals and accommodations because i requested to omit it. so there it was, the  itinerary of doing it alone has changed in an instant due to ignoring the holiday effect. it seems this has taken more on advantage level for having to share the fun and excitement of traveling with other fellow tourist not to mention the saved budget.

arrive 1130am at the hiro's cafe, took lunch and decided to wait for my travel-mate to hitch on his tour set for this day. around 130pm, we left and started the rounds.

spring of youth

going out spring of youth

marlboro country

DAY ONE: (holy thursday)

we were 6 in a van and rolled the trip in the following order;

1. rakuh-a-idi spring - passed through the way to diura fishing village. our tour guide named as mang narding called this place as fountain of youth. spring water's main source has 2 grottos and 2-layer pool. located in mahatao, the 1st town from basco.
2. rakuh-a-payaman - one of the best landmark of batanes, most photographed and best place to sit and eat your favorite snack while overlooking the green pastures, water buffalos and cows grass-eating acts. generally known as marlboro country. as i saw this place i immediately think of 'sound of music' act due to the exact place where the lead character sang that tune.  
3. ruins of song-song - the group of ruins of ivatan houses after the great tidal wave in 1954. made of lime and stone, meters away to the beach.
4. vahay ni dakay - 18th century built, one of the last few standing century old home and most photographed ivatan house on this province.
5. spanish bridge - oldest bridge in the province built by the spaniards located in ivana town.
6. honesty coffee shop - famous convenience store worldwide for having unmanned service or stand-by seller. there service is relying only on how trustworthy you are or honor you have got on simple things you buy. located in ivana town, meters away to the port overlooking sabtang island. one of the best travel quotes i have read posted inside, "TRAVEL IS THE ONLY THING YOU BUY THAT MAKES YOU RICHER".
7. chawa viewing deck - best spot to enjoy the sunset infront of the south china sea, located in mahatao.

ruins of song-song

ruins of song-song beside the van

honesty coffee shop

payment rules inside honesty coffee shop

payment process inside honesty coffee shop

vahay ni lakay

mahatao road infront of chawa viewing deck

chawa viewing deck

day 2: basco capital


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