Monday, July 18, 2011

Batanes 2nd Day; Touring Basco Capital

holy week specials for a unique philippine province
april 21-24, 2011 thursday to sunday

to visit the best tourist spots that fits my budget at limited amount of time.
additional tasks: to conquer this 3 famous place of batan, sabtang and itbayat islands and taste there local delicacies

northernmost best wonder, the batanes islands
day 1: batan island


DAY TWO: (good friday)

woke up 6am and decided to stroll central plaza while waiting for the cafe to open. after breakfast, we started the tour around 730am. in the following order;

mt. carmel church

vayang ranch seen on PAGASA station

vayang ranch

some high-end hotel near vayang ranch

1. mt. carmel church - newly built chapel conceptualized as ivatan house look-alike.
2. tukun - the location of the PAGASA weather station overlooking mt. iraya and the panoramic view of the the batan hedgerows.
3. dipnaysupuan japanese tunnel - world-war 2 constructed tunnel, made also as their hide-out.
4. valugan boulder beach - large smoooth stones vomitted by mt. iraya in 400 AD, overlooking the spectacular view of pacific ocean.
5. vayang ranch - where can find another stunning view, known as rolling hills, leveling with the marlboro country. also one of the best spot and most photographed.
6. naidi hills - also best spot to take on sunset. where can find the signature lighthouse of batanes, holland look-like designed. the first lighthouse to build.

dipnaysupuan japanese tunnel

dipnaysupuan japanese tunnel

valugan boulder beach

valugan boulder beach

we went back to lodge around 1130am and took our lunch. while eating, we discussed about our next itinerary which happens to be a do-it-yourself trip since this day was good friday. as respect offered by the locals, they prohibit themselves to provide any tour for us or for any tourist out there. we thought to go back again to the marlboro country via bicycle and have our snacks there while internalizing the soothing view of the hills. for a rental fee of php25 per hour located between amboy and abad st., at 145pm we started another adventure, my 1st time experience using a mountain bike (MTB) as a method of trailing over 15km distance of up and downhill road expedition.

rolling hills / vayang ranch

rolling hills / vayang ranch

naidi hills lighthouse


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