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PGE Zoom Call Guest: Pandemic Travel Tips in Peru and Ecuador

Date: April 24, 2021 Saturday; Present location - Ecuador (UTC -0500H)

TOPIC: Latin America (Peru / Ecuador) - Pinoy Solo Backpacker Tips during Pandemic (Mar-May 2021) #pandemictraveling #newnormal 

I will discuss: 
- based on my actual experience and as Pinoy Solo Backpacker w/ Phil. passport only
- with very limited Spanish language knowledge and as Budgetarian (budget-conscious) traveler
- on DIY Solo difficult dayhike (average hiker) and on purely leisure travel, all expenses from savings 

My Strong Advise... Peru and Ecuador must be on the TOP of your BUCKET LIST and hiking is a must here. 

I. My America Continent Itinerary (6 months) - Nov. 2020 to May 2021 Pandemic Adventures
II. Pandemic Travel Tips (Entry Requirements) - Covid19 related protocols
III. Peru Highlights (Budget DIY Solo Hiking) - strictest local travel advisory
IV. Ecuador Highlights (Budget DIY Solo Hiking) - my most hard-to-get E-Visa here
V. Reasons why Peru and Ecuador is a must 

PGE Zoom Call Guest: Pandemic Travel Tips in Peru and Ecuador

PGE Zoom Call Guest: Pandemic Travel Tips in Peru and Ecuador

- 2020-2021 Final Wave Pandemic Adventures / November 2020 to May 2021 (6 months)
1st Part: Mexico (Nov-Dec 2020) 31 Days
2nd Part: Central America (Jan-Feb 2021) 40 days
3rd Part: South America (Feb-May 2021) Day 79
Last Part: TBA (Element of Surprise) 

- My 150th Day (5th month) in America
- My 79th day in South America 
- My 31st Day in Ecuador (weekend lockdown) 
- My 13th country on this Pandemic journey
- weekend total lockdown (my 3rd time) 

HAVING A HARD TIME ON ECUADOR VISA APPLICATION IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. My initial plan was only 11 days, now I'm expecting 40 days. 

- Covid19 Vaccinated by Sinopharm (Aug. 2020)
- 2 shots and free of charge (Volunteer patient), no side effects experience 
- 21 Covid19 Test (PCR Nasal/Oral Swab), traveled to 18 countries across 4 continents within 8 months, ALL NEGATIVE RESULT.


A. Check General Country Update 

B. Check Airline Update (LATAM)

C. Country's Tourism Advisory Update
- Google country name then "Tourism Advisory" 


1. 72-hours validity Covid19 PCR Test 
- $65 to $120 price, less than 24 hours result
- Google map "laboratorio" within hotel radius
- print-out not necessary 
2. Pre-immigration registration online
- within 24 hours before flight arrival
- link per item A, B, C
- sometimes PCR Test result copy to be uploaded 
3. Covid19 Travel Insurance
- check the country coverage, sometimes US resident applicable only
4. Hotel bookings and outgoing flight - mock book
5. Download mobile app MAPS.ME - huge help

PGE Zoom Call Guest: Pandemic Travel Tips in Peru and Ecuador

PGE Zoom Call Guest: Pandemic Travel Tips in Peru and Ecuador

Entry Requirements:
- 72-hours validity Covid19 PCR Test,- pre-registration on
- mandatory use of face shield / N95 mask

Visa: Philippine passport holders are visa-on-arrival with visa fee gratis. Hotel booking is required.
Country of Origin: Paraguay / Arrival Airport: Arequipa, Peru
Departure Airport: Lima, Peru / Country of Next Destination: Ecuador
Destination Flow: Arequipa - Cabanaconde - Cusco - Huaraz - Lima

1. Nationwide Transportation Strike - idle for 4 days in Huaraz just staying inside hostel.
2. Sunday lockdown - idle for 2 Sundays in Huaraz and Lima
3. 6 sets of Major Day-Hikes - all self-guided solo budget DIY except Rainbow Mountain (5,120masl)
4. Peru has affordable cost of tourist living 

IV. ECUADOR HIGHLIGHTS / Travel Date: March 24 to May 03, 2021 (40 days)

Entry Requirements: 72-hours validity Covid19 PCR Test only

Visa: As of March 2020, Philippine Passport holders are required to apply for Tourist visa before arrival (90 days multiple entry for 450 USD).
- filled out application form online, passport size photo, financial statement and police clearance 

Country of Origin: Peru / Arrival Airport: Guayaquil, Ecuador 
Departure Airport: Guayaquil, Ecuador / Country of Next Destination: Guyana

Destination Flow: Guayaquil - Cuenca - Riobamba - Baños - Quilotoa - Quito - Coastal Beaches - Guayaquil 

1. 8 sets of Major Day-Hikes - self-guided solo including two of the most difficult day-hikes I ever had in my entire life, Tungurahua Volcano Refuge (3,830masl) and Rucu Pichincha (4,696masl)
2. Ecuador has affordable cost of tourist living
3. Visited more than 6 beaches


In my honest opinion, PERU and ECUADOR must be on the TOP of your BUCKET LIST because...

1. Low Cost of Tourist Living
- Pinoys are very budget conscious (budgetarian) 
- lowest Hostel I booked is 5 USD, room w/ baño
- conservative meal average costs 3 USD
- decent hair cut costs 2 USD

2. Transportation system is somehow systematic
- of course compared to our homeland despite that they don't have metro trains (Quito has ongoing metro construction) 
- public transportation fare is very cheap 
- almost all terminals can be find in MAPS.ME

3. Hiking haven, trails are very safe
- almost all day hikes are awesome
- zero national fees, zero environmental fee
- take altitude sickness seriously 
- summit views are breathtaking 

4. Locals are very friendly and helpful
- despite the language barrier (numero / fecha) 
- try to act like one of them (pocito conversacion) 

5. Airport Immigration is relax
- prepare mock bookings of hotels (with email, contact number) and outgoing flights
- make them feel a positive vibe


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