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3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay

93 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in South America
February 26, 2021 to February 28, 2021

My 124th country visited on my journey beyond #lakbay100, 93rd solo backpacking trip, 7th country in South America and of course, usual budget do-it-yourself itinerary from arrival to departure. Paraguay served also as the 11th country on my 2020-2021 America Pandemic Adventures Filipino Solo Trip, the new normal of traveling.

Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America bordering Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. The country is very wealthy in natural resources despite its small size, but unfortunately it has endured decades of political instability, leading it to be one of the poorest and least developed countries in South America. Colonized for 3 centuries by the Spanish, since the 1500s, Paraguay has managed to keep a lot of its indigenous character and identity. Nowadays, the mestizos (Spanish + Amerindian) account for more than 80% of the country's 7 million inhabitants and Guarani is, side by side with Spanish, the country's official language.


Address: 2nd floor, Pedro Salazar 351, La Paz, Bolivia (any colectivo van that pass Kantutani, San Jorge, San Miguel)

Requirements: (1) 2 pieces passport size color photo, (2) Color photocopy of passport information page, (3) Color photocopy of credit card, (4) Latest 3 months statement of bank account, (5) Color photocopy of Bolivia entry stamp

Fee payment: 65 USD to be paid in Banco Union (walk-in) once approved. Provide your whatsapp number to officer for quick feedback within 24 hours. 

3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay

3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay

3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay

timezone - UTC -0400H   capital - Asuncion    language - Spanish    currency - Guarani (PYG)
visa - Philippine passport holders need to apply before travel
1. Paraguay River is the 2nd longest river in South America.
2. Paraguay’s motto is Paz y Justicia, or in English, “Peace and Justice. It is commonly depicted on a banner above a lion with a red cap.
3. The world’s largest water reserve, called the “Acuifero Guaraní” (Guarani aquifer), lies under Paraguay and extends into parts of Brazil and Argentina.
4. Paraguay is a landlocked country located in the heart of South America.


Day 22: Feb. 26, 2021 Fri / Ciudad del Este
Paraguay Visa Application 65 USD; Covid19 Travel insurance 8 USD; Amaszonas flight ticket 281 USD
0950H ETA Sta. Cruz UTC -0400H; 3 hr transit
1250H ETD Santa Cruz; flight Z8 400
1535H ETA Asuncion UTC -0300H; Money Exchange 100 USD = 640,000 (6,400)
Taxi to Ciudad del Este 300,000 USD; snacks 33,000
Hotel Cathedral 2 nights 202,000; dinner 25,000
TOTAL: G560,000 + 354 USD

Day 23: Feb. 27, 2021 Sat / Ciudad del Este
Money Exchange 100 USD = 655,000 (6,550); Bus KM4 3,000; bus Hernandarias 3,000
1100H Itaipu Dam (free tour); brunch 31,000; Bus KM4 3,000; bus Salto de Monday 3,000
1300H Salto de Monday; entrance 30,000; Bus Centro 3,000; bus Tres Fronteras 3,000
1600H Tres Fronteras; refreshments 12,000
1800H ETA Centro; bus 6,000; Money Exchange 50 USD = 325,000 (6,500); Hotel Cathedral; dinner 25,000
TOTAL: G122,000

Day 24: Feb. 28, 2021 Sun / Asuncion
0600H ETD Hostel; breakfast 10,000
0630H ETD Ciudad del Este; bus 70,000
1200H ETA Asunción; Taxi to Airport Lab 65,000
1330H 18TH PCR TEST; HORVATH Lab 480,000; Uber to hotel 64,000; Riviera Puerto Hotel 15 USD 1 night paid
Playa de la Costanera walk; snacks 35,000
TOTAL: G724,000

Day 25: Mar. 01, 2021 Mon / Asuncion
0800H ETD Hostel; uber to airport 75,000
0840H Airport check-in; snacks and others 119,000
1020H ETD Asuncion UTC -0300H; flight 1324
1305H ETA Santiago UTC -0400H; 7 hours transit
TOTAL: G194,000

GRAND TOTAL: G1,600,000 + 354 USD / EXCHANGED USD: 250

3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay

3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay

3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay


Airport Immigration Issues: one of the easiest / fastest / relax airport entry I ever had. In just less than 2 minutes I have my passport already. 

Places Visited: Asunción, Ciudad del Este, Hernandarias

1. Free Admission and Guided Tour inside the Itaipu Binacional Dam, World's 2nd largest dam and one of the best modern engineering creation (same like Panama Canal) that supplies renewable energy to Brazil (10%) and Paraguay (90%). Regular departures from KM4 area for G3,000 with 20 minutes travel from Ciudad del Este. Bring soft copy of passport.

2. There are two park entry points to see the Ciudad del Este's Monday Falls, Paraguay's mini-version of Iguazu Falls. These are Salto del Monday (where the only viewing deck with elevator is located on the top of Monday Falls) and Parque Aventura Monday (where the four viewing decks are located apart). I visited the latter by accident because this was the first park along my way.

3. I shortened my visit in Paraguay intentionally due to tourist attractions are not much point of my interest. 

4. On airport arrival, Paraguay requires Negative PCR Test within 72 hours validity, Covid19 travel insurance ( and registration per this link 

5. On airport departure, my next destination (Peru) requires Negative PCR Test within 72 hours validity and health status registration via this link 
 Laboratorio Horvath provides Covid19 PCR Test for G480,000 (74 USD) with 8 hours result (physical passport is always required as identification). This test served as my 18th PCR Nasal Swab Test (all negative result).

3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay

3 Days Pandemic Rainy Solo Trip in Paraguay


  1. Great review!
    Hello, I would like to ask you that How long does the Paraguay tourist visa process takes?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi James, Paraguay visa processing is one day only. Upon submission of compete documents, visa will be issued day after.


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