We Don't Need a Reason to Help People and Protect Nature

sightseeing the joy and pleasure of sharing our blessings

"Even the smallest act of caring is like a drop of water - it will make ripples throughout the entire pond"

Never stop doing little things to others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts."

I want to gradually shift my passion of traveling to a beneficial act to mankind by sharing the blessings or lessons I gained on the road. It is better to give than to receive. Local people assisted me so much more than I did to them. So if ever I have the opportunity to help them, I seize the day without hesitation. 

1. During my 1st Solo Trip in Mainland China (2013),  locals booked me a domestic flight while in cruising train, assisted me on my way going to hotel, shared a taxi with me going to airport. This were the wonderful experiences I had with the Chinese people.

2. During my Solo Trip in Israel (2013), I assisted 3 Japanese teen-agers to accompany me going to a public bus trip to Jerusalem coming from Dead Sea. Also, I assisted one Filipino Engineer travelling alone at night in Jerusalem Old city to find for his car parked he forgot the whereabouts.

LTP Malaya Mountaineering Outreach Program (LK10-2) in Gen Nakar, Quezon Province (Sep. 2016)

LTP Malaya Mountaineering Outreach Program (LK10-2) in Gen Nakar, Quezon Province (Sep. 2016)

LTP Malaya Mountaineering Outreach Program (LK10-2) in Gen Nakar, Quezon Province (Sep. 2016)

LTP Malaya Mountaineering Outreach Program (LK10-2) in Gen Nakar, Quezon Province (Sep. 2016)

3. During my Solo Trip in Republic of Georgia (2014), I made a three (3) sets of hitchhiking. The first one in Kutaisi at night when I got lost in the main highway with no street lights. The second was in Gudauri at night also with non-english speaking passengers and the last one was in Tbilisi going to the central town.

4. During my 2nd Solo Trip in Japan (2014), a young Japanese man accompanied me to a specific building I'm planning to visit. With just minimal English conversation, the guy even brought exactly in-front of the main door.

5. During a train trip in Romania (2015), I assisted an Old Lady to carry her heavy bag to a cab even with language barrier. She thought I was an Arab and even kissed me in cheeks as gratitude.

6. During my hike trip in Bulgaria (2015), a Bulgarian college student volunteered to bring me in the capital city since he will be going there too at the time I finished my trekking. 

K's PATH Sulaibhikat Beach Clean-up (April 2015)

K's PATH Sulaibhikat Beach Clean-up (April 2015)

Kuwait Association for Children Care in Hospital Orientation (April 2015) 

contribution for Children's tent of Earthquake Victims in Nepal (May 2015)

contribution for computer set in Palawan, Philippines (June 2015)

contribution for school supplies and feeding program in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines (August 2016)

" Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." - Margaret Mead


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