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Osaka Day Trip last part: Universal Studios (USJ)

7-days wandering solo in summer Japan
May 28 - June 04, 2013 Tuesday to Tuesday

Osaka day trip 1st part: the Castle

Universal Studios Singapore, USS (Jan. 2011)

2nd part of my Osaka tour, last day-trip in Japan. I initially intended to visit Disneysea Resort because this themepark is the best rated (and much more cheaper, 6,200yen only compared to 6,600 of USJ) among all in Japan. But due to weather discomfort and budget doubt, I decided to spend the remaining money if ever I had to this place. In my honest opinion, the following are my comparative observations regarding personal experience in Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) against researched data of Disneysea Resort (Tokyo).

Universal Studios Osaka (Kansai) versus Disneysea Resort Tokyo (Kanto);

1. Disneysea Resort is the best rated thempark in Japan.
2. Disneysea Resort has cheaper entrance fee.
3. Disneysea Resort is unique and can be found only in Japan.
4. I think Disneysea is much wider.
5. Space Mountain (DSR) has almost the same concept with Space Fantasy (USJ). 
6. Disneysea Resort is mainly for children while USJ is somewhat more for adolescence.

Then, why did I visit USJ knowing that Disneysea wins almost every aspects? Nothing, its the only option I had as my Osaka was my last destination for this trip. If ever I was in Tokyo, I would do the same. Besides, curious to know the difference between USS and USJ just for the sake I visited them both.

Universal Studios Japan (Universal City JR station)

Universal Studios Japan (main entrance)

Universal Studios Japan (the globe icon in main entrance)

Universal Studios Japan located in Osaka, is one of four Universal Studios theme parks, owned and operated by USJ Co., Ltd. with a license from NBCUniversal. The park is similar to Universal Orlando Resort, since it also contains selected attractions from Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal Studios Japan is ranked the 9th place among the Top 25 Amusement/theme parks worldwide. 

How to go to Universal Studios Osaka:

JR Sakurajima line then alight to Universal City station. Operating hours from 0900H-2100H. Entrance fee for one day is 6,600 yen ($66). 

Comparison between USJ and USS;

1. I visited USS last Jan. 2011 while USJ in Jun. 2013.
2. Entrance fee for USS that time was 66sgd ($52.18) while USJ is 6,600 ($66).
3. USS was open only March 2010 while USJ last March 2001.
4. USS is much smaller than USJ
5. I think there are at least two similar attraction on both themepark and I rode these two (Shrek 4D and Backdraft).
6. Rollercoaster ride on USS is Battlestar Galactica while Hollywood dream is for USJ. I think the former is much more scarier than the latter.
7. Souvenirs are expensive in USJ than in USS.

Some of the main attractions I visited in USJ are the following (1230H-1645H);

Shrek 4D - 4D theatre with shown only once a day, around 1420H.
Space Fantasy - indoor rollercoaster with rotating seats, theme of outer space.
Jurassic Park - river rollercoaster around dinosours
Hollywood dream - outdoor rollercoaster, with very looooong qiuing
Back to the Future - 4D theatre ride, 2nd to hollywood dream with long line
Terminator 2 - 3D theatre

Universal Studios Japan (4D theatre)

Universal Studios Japan (space fantasy)

Universal Studios Japan (jurassic park)

Universal Studios Japan (hollywood dream)

Universal Studios Japan (back to the future)

Universal Studios Japan (Terminator 2)

Universal Studios Japan (line exclusively for singles)

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