Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Azkals vs Azraq 2012 on 1-2 Score Friendly Match

football game rematch of Team Philippines and Kuwait
october 16, 2012 tuesday

This is my first time to watch live football game, first time also to witness the action of our beloved Philippine National football team, the Philippine Azkals.

Took bus #21 coming from Farwaniya, arrived over an hour earlier than schedule in Kuwait Sports Club Stadium in Kaifan (infront of Kuwait News Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Ticket bought for 3 KD allocated beside the VIP section.

FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) is the governing body of football worldwide. As of October 2012, Kuwait's global rank is 112nd while Philippines is at 147th (tied with Kazakhstan), the highest rank achieved since the Philippine team is established. In Asian rank, Philippines is at 20th spot while 3rd in South East Asia. Philippines average position from FIFA World Ranking creation is 173rd.

Philippine Azkals and Kuwait Azraq during the game opening (2012)

Azkals warm-up practice

Azkals warm-up practice

Philippine Azkals in Kuwait 2012

Philippine Azkals and Kuwait Azraq during the game opening (2012)

Philippine Azkals vs Kuwait Azraq during 1st half

Started around 1845H, Kuwait Al-Azraq Football team scored 1 goal during the first half. It was not so credible point due I saw the reaction of the Azkal's goalkeeper, he collapsed his defense when one Azraq penetrated the goal area with two Azkals. Then on the second half, both points garnered in free kick. The game ended on a heart-pounding 2 goals for Kuwait against only 1 of Philippines. According to the most of the spectators, this game was much more thrilling compared last year with score of 0-3 in favor of Kuwait though the crowd is very much little. In my honest observation, I think Azkals have to adjust on there running stamina for there offensive attack and formation. I am satisfied somehow with their defense but as far as the World cup is concern, they have to train harder and harder than before. It seems like this game got my interest to Brazil's hosting in World Cup 2014.

die hard Filipino fans of Azkals

Philippine Azkals 1st goal from free kick during 1st half

Kuwait Azraq player in pain during the 2nd half

Kuwait Azraq's free kick no goal during the 2nd half

Philippine Azkals vs Kuwait Azraq during 2nd half

Kuwait Azraq won by 2 goals against 1 of Philippine Azkals (2012)

"There is no harm in dreaming of becoming the World's best player. It's all about trying to be the best. I will keep working hard to achieve it, but it is within my capabilities." - Cristiano Ronaldo (FIFA World Player of the Year)


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