Sunday, April 01, 2012

Legazpi - Naga Rainy Family Day-Tour without Me

2011’s 3rd family outing
November 05, 2011 Saturday

due to an expected changes, i still pursue this event though i was not there. i made a very detailed itinerary so that confusion will be least anticipated during their travel. also, this is their first time to have a family outing without me in-charge and their first time to go on this places. my itineraries from my camnorte-legazpi last may 2011 and camsur pnr bicol express day-tour september 2011 helped a lot and give me more confidence that they can nail this.

mayon volcano

mayon volcano

legazpi city

booked via piso sale last march 27, 2011 via my favorite local low-cost carrier cebu pacific. i purchashed 5 tickets manila-legazpi bound for only php625, that was php125 per pax. i designed the itinerary in such a way that i want them to experience major types of transportation just like what i do whenever i'm on a road trip. from taxi in quezon city, via airplane to legazpi city, jeepney within this city, then aircon van going to naga city and hopping via tricycle, finally 10-hour bus trip going back to quezon city.

cagsawa ruins

cagsawa ruins

cagsawa ruins

they successfully did what i exactly planned, and i was so happy for that outcome. of course, i have a 50-50 hesitation since all of family members are not into that do-it-yourself first time instinct same as mine. but when i asked them hours they arrived back home, the way they informed me there was so much excitement and really enjoyed the adventure. everyone was piloting the tour using the piece of instruction paper i gave. anyways, here were the memories ....

bicol's famous dishes

in naga city

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  1. this makes me wanna fly to Bicol... woohoo! na-miss ko ang Mayon! :)


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