Friday, October 28, 2011

Angkor Archaeological Park (Angkor Wat)

vietnam, cambodia and laos 11th solo backpacking tour
august 24 - september 1, 2011 wednesday to thursday

objective: to visit the best tourist spot that fits to my budget at limited amount of time.
additional tasks: lost half of my pocket-money in day 1... show must go on for the planned itinerary no matter how it takes

angkor archaeological park solo day-tour



Angkor Wat ("City Temple") is a vast temple complex near Siem Reap, about 200 miles from the capital of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Built in the 12th century by the king of the prosperous Khmer empire, Angkor Wat is the best preserved example of Khmer architecture in Cambodia and is so grand in design that some rank it among the seven wonders of the world. It appears on the Cambodian national flag, a very rare instance of a flag incorporating an image of a building.

angkor wat

angkor wat

angkor wat

angkor wat

angkor wat

angkor wat


Phnom Bakheng is one of Angkor’s oldest temples. It was built as a state temple between the late 9th and early 10th centuries, when King Yasovarman constructed it as the centerpiece of his new capital, Yasodharapura, later absorbed into Angkor. The first mountain-style temple built there, Phnom Bakheng represents Mount Meru, home of the Hindu gods. Despite its architectural and historical significance, the temple is popular today mainly for its panoramic view of Angkor Wat, particularly at sunset.

forbidden shortcut trail to phnom bakheng

phnom bakheng

angkor archaeological park (angkor thom)
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  1. Ang extreme mo din pala. solo backpack kung solo hahaha. Ang ganda talaga sa Angkor Wat


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