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Coron Island Solo Boat Trip

stunning waterscapes of northern palawan
july 15-18, 2011 friday to monday

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly.
additional task: to find-out why most of the filipino speaks about coron's lagoons, lakes and beaches


important note (coron island):
The island is the third largest island in the Calamian Group of Islands and famous for its wreck diving, and the site has been named in many lists of top dive spots in the world, known for several Japanese shipwrecks World War II vintage. coron island is part of the ancestral domain of the indigenous Tagbanua people.

coron island's signature spot before kayangan lake

start of the island tour

woke-up around 0530H for 0600H departure for coron island trip. my contact fetched me up in my lodge then went to boulevard port. this was my 1st time solo in a boat tour, thus, a very expensive one. the following was my requested and customized loop in journeying coron island, owned by the tagbanua tribe and infront of coron town.

1. siete picados - seven islets that surrounds the beautiful reefs beneath. i just passed-by on this spot because i don't have snorkle set. and if i did, must pay first entrace fee of php100.

2. kayangan lake - one of the cleanest and clearest lake in the philippines and maybe in the world. top tourist spot in this island. with a whooping entrance fee of php200, trailed the 175 steps going there. before that, there is a cave in between this trail where the front is thelocation of the signature spot on every tourist visted this lake. this spot is the part of the sea  as you enter the rock formation before the lake. but be warned when trailing this lake, this was my most mosquito-bite i have ever experience. imagine i ran the trail just to avoid them all. and not just that, even when i submerge myself in the lake, i still have this itchy feeling.

kayangan lake

kayangan lake

3. barracuda lake - more deeper lake than kayangan. with entrance fee of php100. i can even see how deep this lake on tourist way of narrow bridge, its like a 3 storey building in reverse. there were mosquitos also. according to the locals, this was due to the rainy season.

4. twin lagoon - entrance fee of php50. separated by the limestone formation. you can access the twin lagoon either by swimming or by the ladder.

5. banol beach - strip of white sand beach, one of the best beaches in this island. entrance fee of php100.

6. smith beach - very small strip of white sand beach, near banol beach. we didn't dock on most of the area we visited due to the entrance fees.

7. beach 69 - same with smith beach with entrance fee.

8. skeleton wreck - like siete picados, for snorkeling activity. the water was so clear i can see from above the shipwreck beneath. you can feed fish here by throwing some bread crumps. no entrance fees

9. atwayan beach - same with banol beach with entrance fee.

10. sunset lagoon - no entrance fee, has colorful appearance if visited during sunset.

11. cyc beach - coron youth club beach has no entrance fee and can pitch tent for camping purposes. i saw lots of thrash which an effect of no one observes the cleanliness of this place.

barracuda lake

barracuda lake

twin lagoon

banol beach

around 1500H my travelmates arrived with over 2 hours delayed departure from manila. we immediately ordered binalot for our island dinner and then went to the public market to buy food stuffs for our lunch on the boat for tomorrow's activity. around 1600H, we depart from boulevard port en route to north cay island for a 3 hours journey. waves were so calm as we passes by. we saw lots of white beaches and resort. we were astonished also on the privately-owned cottage built above the shores in the horse island.

we docked in the north cay island past 1900H, then have our binalot dinner. some night shots and night swimming before going to sleep. electricity on this area is only from 1800H to 2300H only. additional php1,000 if needed to extend it to 0600H day after.

atwayan beach

sunset lagoon

boatman: WILLIAM (coordinator)
boat type: small boat with katig and cover
contact no: +639296783943
max passenger: 8- 10
rental fee: php1,000 - 1,500
starting point: boulevard port near public market (15 mins from coron town)
comments: highly recommended for being kind and accommodating

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