Sunday, September 18, 2011

7 Consecutive Week-Ends Travel Bug Escapades

another travel addictiveness accomplishment
may 7 to june 20, 2011

i thought the series of week-end get-aways will stopped last year due it was my 1st time to exposed fully myself into this kind of leisure especially in jetsetting.

2010's 5 consecutive weekend trip:
may 15-16 - pahiyas festival / cagbalete island
may 20-24 - sagada
may 29-30 - nagsasa cove / capones island
jun 04-08 - thailand
jun 12-13 - hundred islands

hundred islands

i didn't intend to do it consecutively. of course, main concern is the budget allocation. it was just so happen that when i met this people which most of them where fellow travel addicts also, i fell for a series of escapades. that nagsasa and hundred islands where just planned spontaneously. thailand was planned out of the boredom in office 3 months ago before the travel date, while pahiyas and sagada where planned month ago in an online travel forum. i just noticed that this where consecutive when i found out that i cannot wash my clothes anymore during weekends.

travel bug on this year was irresistible for me. maybe because i have nothing else to think about in spending my free time, or should i say i have no personal life to get busy with. although all of this where on tight-budget basis, if i summed it all, my savings will gain in the future. but what can i do, i cannot say no to piso sale. i cannot say no to seeing the world while its there. and i cannot say no to this astonishing wonders of nature especially the philippines' best spots. please if there's anyone who can tell me how to avoid this stuff, please help me !

ayutthaya, thailand

anyways, now on 2011, another set of inevitable viral trips. inevitable in a sense of (1) excellent weather (2) joyful travel mates and (3) budget basis plans. again, i just noticed it was on a series only when i found out that i'm always sleepy at work and ask why my room is full of dust.

2011's 7 consecutive trips:
may 07-08 - aurora province
may 13-15 - iloilo / guimaras
may 20-22 - camarines norte / legazpi city
may 28-29 - negros occidental
jun 04 - corregidor island
jun 10-12 - mt. pulag the return
jun 17-20 - batad / sagada the comeback

discalarin bay, aurora province

Guimaras beach

Camarines Norte

if to compare this two sets, these where both held on summer month of may. aurora trip was an invitation to a fellow employee. iloilo and negros where availed via travelmart expo held last sept. 2010 at sm megamall. camnorte was an online invite for calaguas island day tour. corregidor island was from a voucher purchased last jan. 2011. mt. pulag was just a transferred trip, an spontaneous one. while batad-sagada was planned when we were in iloilo and found-out that june 20(mon) was declared as special non-working holiday by the government.

i don't know if I benefited to this applied fuel surcharge on all local airlines. pro's on savings while the cons on zero plan for next year. perhaps i'm losing the addictiveness of travelism, i hope it is.

Negros Occidental

Corregidor Island

Mt. Pulag the comeback

batad rice terraces, ifugao


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