Monday, August 01, 2011

Nature Waving Aurora Province last part

a 2011 4th summer get-away specials
may 7-8, 2011 saturday to sunday

nature waving aurora province 1st part


we went back to our lodging around 5pm and decided to change get-up for the 1st surfing madness. originally, the standard price for beginners mode is php350 (instructor's fee and surfboard rental included). but since we were 7 in a group, i negotiated the deal by php300 only. by the way, mahdox baler was the centralized surfing shop and service authorized by the government, located infront of the sabang beach where the adventure heats on. around 630pm we finished our 1-hour wannabe sporty lesson and concluded to have 3 minor casualties due to the impact of huge waves on surfboard against their faces.

madhox surfing center infront of sabang beach

surfing boards nearby sabang beach

surfing trainors nearby sabang beach

sabang beach 1st-time surfing

sabang beach 1st-time surfing


woke up 630am, had our breakfast 1st then went to downtown for souvenirs. afterwards, made our way to ditumabo falls, another signature landmark of this province. at the opening, there are locals who maintained the vicinity and will asked you for some donation. 1.3km is the trailing distance of the falls from this area. past 12pm we left with full of satisfaction.

took our lunch and packed to go home. but before we left aurora, we visited 1st the 500-year old balete tree located in the town of ma. aurora. another nature adventure and this time its root/branch climbing, whether its outside or in the core. took a break for ice cream food tripping.
after 10 minutes we decided o leave aurora and made our way to manila. past 12am when we all alight in our service van, back to the real world.

trail to ditumabo falls

trail to ditumabo falls

ditumabo falls

500-yr old balete tree

inside the balete tree

500-yr old balete tree

* baler has the cheapest surfing lesson service
* summer season is peak, better to ensure your accommodation especially if you're in a group.
* tricycle is the basic public transpo, php300 for a baler day tour.
* recommended to visit ditumabo falls and Dicasalarin Bay in san luis town, best nature wonders of aurora.

aurora province list of lodging and inns ( as of may 2011)

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