Saturday, May 21, 2011

Singapore Afternoon Adventure last part (G-Max)

quick journey of a budget DIY 1st-timer / solo backpacker
january 19-22, 2011 thursday to saturday

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly.
additional tasks: to conquer the G-MAX reverse bungee jump and witness thaipusam festival

what a 2-days trip in singapore-malaysia!

(2) thaipusam festival

1st international festival to witness, just curious how hindu's celebrate and why it was featured in ripley's after witnessing, its just ok. 10 minutes of watching only and you know why, hehehe !!

night life before the g-max

night life before the g-max

night life before the g-max

night life before the g-max

g-max reverse bungy at singapore

(3) g-max reverse bungy
g-max and the gx-5 were designed and created in new zealand, home of the bungy! proudly, they have 100% safety record... over 1,000,000 jumps! the reverse bungy and the giant swing operate internationally in over 7 countries around the world.

the g-max reaches 60 meters in the air, hitting speeds up to 200kph and g force 5.
the gx-5 falls from 5o meters, reaching over 120kph.

g-max bungy cords are crafted from premium grade rubber, being carefully hand-made bhy trained experts to wtihstand over 10,000 kg's of weight.

this is it, being nervous week before my flight, the g-max. since it is very expensive to avail combo ride (60sgd, like a uss rate), i decided to purchase only ticket for reverse bungee jump worth 45sgd, still not cheaper. but when i saw there was a discount for students posted, i ask these malaysian in the counter;

    me: miss, good evening ! just wanna ask if the student discount is applicable also for tourist ?
    counter: yes, just show me your id
    me: ahh, alright, wait.. (grad school finished last year, id made last 2007, don't know how will they verify if im really a student)
    me: here its is...
    counter: (observing the id for 5 secs only) .. yes, this will be ok for your discount. (yes,lol!)
    me: wow, really, thanks .. but i have to wait for others coz i don't wanna do it alone on 3 seater..
    counter: ok, just wait there
    me: (in my mind, truly pinoy, hehehe! from 45sgd down to 30 sgd)

around 2100H,i made my most horrifying ride, awesome experience... imagine the 200kph speed of bungee cord that throws you upward then rotating for 360 degrees and 50 meters above ground level... yes, i have my full smile when i went down, another check on my bucketlist, hehehe !! ( i'm acrophobic btw)

gx-5 at singapore

gx-5 at singapore

marina bay sands overlooking from g-max location

souvenir treats:
went to chinatown for cheapest souvenir items. mrt chinatown station is in the peoples park complex and there are lot of night market stalls infront. i bought 5 souvenir shirts and 1 display item for only 32sgd. waiting shed for bus going to bus terminal is also nearby.

leaving singapore for a side trip:
read map posted on the waiting shed's wall for bus destination. i found out that bus#961 goes to golden mile complex. after 10 minutes of waiting  and using my ez-link card i arrived
2315H. then, i paid 25sgd (php862) on starmart express bus. its my 1st time to rode a double-decker bus and take note of its convenience per seat. 2345H bus moved and this serves as the last trip to malaysia, farewell singapore !

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  1. Is that GMAX ride in Clarke Quay? If it is, I'd have to go back there!!!!


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