Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ayutthaya Ruins Solo Trip

my 1st solo international backpacking (bangkok-kanchanaburi-ayutthaya)
June 4-8, 2010 friday to tuesday

to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly.
additional tasks: to witness the wonders of there architectural ruins and experience the thrill of 1st lone traveling abroad

thailand, beginning of my travel addictiveness
day 1: bangkok temple trip
day 2: kanchanaburi rail trip



Check-out by 0600H, then depart at 640am. Ordinary train ride availed at thb20(php28). upon alight to ayutthaya station, there were standby official tuktuk for ruins tour so standard price was implemented at thb200 per hour on 1 tuktuk ride. the driver showed laminated pics to which you can choose what type of tourist spot yoo like to visit. around 0830H i started my journey.

Wat phanan choeng

Wat yai chaya mongkol

Wat yai chaya mongkol

Wat yai chaya mongkol

1st stop was Wat phanan choeng, largest sitting Buddha, with thb20entrance fee. few photo-ops, respect, stroll, then exited. 2nd was Wat yai chaya mongkol, the great temple of auspicious victory of ayutthaya, with thb50 entrance fee. this are the array of buddhas with yellow scarf on their chest. one of the besrt visited here, i highly recommend this. there is leaning buddha which has yello scarf also.

3rd was the Wat chaiwatthanaram, one of the thailand’s oldest shrine, with thb50 entrance fee. Awesome architectural design, ideal for arts photo-ops. 4th was the Wat Mongkol Bophit, the largest sitting Buddha in Thailand, with no entrance fee. few photo-ops, respect, stroll, then exited. 5th was the Ancient royal palace, located beside is Wat Mongkol Bophit, the former residence of the royal family. for good photo-ops also with thb50 entrance fee.

Wat chaiwatthanaram

Wat chaiwatthanaram

Ancient royal palace

Ancient royal palace

6th was the Wat mahathat, the most striking of all temples in ayutthaya due to the Buddha that was struck on a tree trunk and the low laterite walls and rows of headless Buddha. Entrance fee is thb50. Lastly was the Wat phutthaisawan, another temple ruins area. Not much to see, with free entrance fee.

i finished the tour course for about 3 hours. then went back to ayutthaya train station. at a fare of thb15(php21), im at the bangkok city again at 1400H.

Wat mahathat

Wat mahathat

Wat phutthaisawan


  1. This part ang inabangan ko.. dito kasi ako direcho upon arrival.
    20thb train ride? mura did you ask for that? comfortable naman siguro no? From what I read, they usually give that fare (20) sa nationals. For tourists, 35thb and up ata to Ayutthaya. Galing mo. And nagulat ako, return fare 15thb?! really?

    Naging interested ako sa siam ocean world experience mo,, lem'me think.
    I can say that you documented your trip pretty well and yeah, I benefitted from it (hehehhehhe)..
    It seems malaki din ang savings mo sa accomodation ah. Again, wise moves.
    I suppose malaki natira sa budget mo, kidding!

    Salamat for sharing and I hope marami maka-basa nito. I'll try to promote.
    Nice meeting :)

  2. yup, 20thb, so napagkamalan akong national, lol !!
    pero nag-ingles naman ako nun that time, accent thai siguro, hahaha !!

    yung siam world kasi sayang andun na kasi ko, may time pa tsaka 1st time ko aquarium park.

    thanks so much po... yup, may naibenta pa akong thb pag-uwi worth 4k pa ata.. :) overestimated ko kasi, pero dapat lang :)

  3. hello! I'm back. thank you sa tips. Sobrang nag-enjoy sa Thailand.
    The best ang Ayutthaya biking experience, really memorable :)
    Arrival ko ata lumindol (thursday) but di nman naramdaman dun. With a bang eh no?
    Sarap bumalik. Thanks ulit :P

  4. Hi there. Saw your site from pex. Very informative blog. :) Just like you, Thailand will be my first intl trip. Not solo though. Backpacking? I am not sure. hahaha. Will arrive there in July21 2350H via cebupac. I cannot decide if we will be heading straight to the hostel or just wait for the shuttle from the airport. What do you think? I also plan to go to Ayutthaya the next day. Pero baka bangag pa kami nun..hehe. Balak ko siguro mga 8-9am. May sked ba ganyan papunta dun? How many hours is the travel time? Thank you. :)

  5. @deox

    if straight to your hotel, addt'l charge for your budget. if shuttle, tmabay mode sa airport, then save budget pa but you have to wait earliest trip of 5am. ok lang mag-ayutthaya next day kasi guided tour with tuktuk naman 'to so you dont need to watch where you are. tsaka sayang ang miles kung puro laidback, bawi ka na lang ng tulog pag-uwi. ang ayutthaya ay parang bulacan sa atin, meaning palaging may biyahe. malapit lang sa bangkok yun, around 45 mins lang. hope this helps, tnx for reading and good luck to your journey.. just ask anything lang po! :)


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