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3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini

My 2024's First Trip on my quest to go beyond #lakbay100... Jan. 28 to Feb. 26, 2024

Santorini is one of the great natural wonders of the world, and its main attraction is the landscape and seascape of the island itself, a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, the strange white aubergine (eggplant), the town of Thira, and naturally its very own active volcano. There are naturally fantastic beaches such as the beach of Perissa, maybe the best beach in Santorini, the black pebble beach of Kamari, white beach and red beach. The ancient name of Santorini was Strongyli due to the shape of the island. Santorini was named by the Latin Empire in the 13th century, and is a reference to Saint Irene, from the name of the old cathedral in the village of Perissa – the name Santorini is a contraction of the name Santa Irini.

1. Despite the fact that only 15.500 residents live in the island, over 2 million tourists visit Santorini each year.
2. There are more churches than houses in Santorini. However most of them are small and private.
3. There is so little rain on the island of Santorini during the year, with the result that wine is more abundant than water.
4. The caldera of Santorini is the only inhabited in the world. I
5. There are over 100 varieties of grapes in Santorini.
6. Santorini’s buildings have the typical greek architectural style and are shaped as strikingly white cubes.
7. The entire island is a volcanic rock.

3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (Oia blue dome)

3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (Oia morning walk)

3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (my hotel in Fira, cheapest)

This trip is part of the 28 Days Budget DIY Birthday Solo Trip in Winter Europe 2024.

Day 01: January 29 Monday GREECE 1. SANTORINI DAY 1 / Fira Skaros hiking
1235H ETD Singapore SIN T1; flight TR720
0625H ETA Athens ATH UTC +0200H; 4.5hr transit 
1150H ETD Athens ATH; flight GQ342 (€89.2/₱5.6K)
1245H ETA Santorini JTR UTC +0200H; bus to Fira 2 (cash only)
Sunny Days Hotel Fira Santorini 3 Nights (€64/₱3.9K) with taxes 1.5 (cash only)
SANTORINI DAY 1 / Fira Skaros hike (3km)
TOTAL: €1.5

Day 02: January 30 Tuesday GREECE 2. SANTORINI DAY 2 / Profitis Ilias, Fira to Oía hiking
0700H Fira to Profitis Ilias hike (highest point) (10km) brunch 10
1300H back to hotel; rest
1400H Fira to Oía cliff-side hike (10 km)
1630H Oia; snacks 8
1730H bus to Fira 2; snacks 3
TOTAL: €23

Day 03: January 31 Wednesday GREECE 3. SANTORINI DAY 3 / Oia, Megalochori
0700H Fira back to Oia bus 2; Blue Dome photo
1020H Back to Fira bus 2; hotel
1200H Fira to Megalochori (8km); snacks 8
1600H Bus to Fira 2; dinner 11.5
TOTAL: €25.5

Day 04: February 01 Thursday GREECE 4. ATHENS DAY 1 / City Trip 1.
1030H Hotel Check-out; walk to bus terminal
1115H bus to airport 2
1315H ETD Santorini JTR; flight GQ343
1410H ETA Athens ATH UTC +0200H; 

3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (Fira blue dome)

3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (Fira at night)

3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (Fira at night)

Budget DIY Tips in Solo Travelling Winter Santorini
visited as Pinoy Budget Solo Backpacker (Jan. 2024) on his birthday

1. Prepare Euro Cash. Public bus accepts only cash. Minimum fare is €2 (airport to Fira and Fira bus terminal to main towns across the island). Bus departures during winter are limited so ensure to take a photo of the bus schedule posted in Fira bus terminal.

2. Winter Santorini has a cold temperature with freezing wind chill. Ensure to have proper shoes, jacket and gloves, should be waterproof of course. 

3. Winter Santorini is a ghost town, meaning almost no tourists, locals and open business around. Disadvantage of it is limited things to do while the advantage is you feel like you own the place.

4. Hiking to Santorini's highest point, Profitis Ilias (567masl) coming from Fira (150masl) during winter is possible. Leave Fira around 7am and just walk to cliff-side main road (10km one-way). You will pass through the Pyrgos which is highest town in Santorini and good to visit also. There's a coffee shop before Pyrgos with free wi-fi. The summit assault is very windy and chilling. The top has no good view but overlooking the Santorini is great.

5. Santorini is famous for its sunset view but unfortunately in winter it is not possible due to cloudy, continuous rain and snow drops.

6. Best advantage of Winter Santorini is you own all the major tourist spot location such as the Blue domes / 3 bells churches. You can stay there as long as you want and have more than a thousand pictures / videos all by yourself. Obviously in summer you can't do this even for a decent photo because of the local photographers.

7. Winter Santorini is off-peak season means flights, ferry and hotel fees are cheap and somehow affordable. 

8. Winter Santorini is ideal for loners, introverts, heartbroken, soul searchers, solitude wanderers and morning tranquility.

3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (Fira by day)

3 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (Fira Skaros Hiking)

Solo Trip in Winter Santorini (Santorini's highest point, Profitis Ilias (567masl) Hiking)

Budget DIY Tips in Solo Travelling Winter Santorini...
visited as Pinoy Budget Solo Backpacker (Jan. 2024) on his birthday
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