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8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Spring Season Taiwan

Yushan Mt. Jade - Kaohsiung - Taipei ... April 10 to 18, 2023

Taiwan is an outside territory of Mainland China, not part of my personal journey beyond #lakbay100 Countries. Actually, Taiwan was my first destination abroad and my first work as an Overseas Filipino Worker, I didn't last that long due to homesickness, long working hours (12 hrs/day, 6 days/wk) and my work was not the one I agreed during application. My journey to Taiwan from a Factory Worker (2005) to a Solo Backpacker (2023). 

Thank you very much Taiwan! Mt. Jade Main Peak and Sakura sightseeing successful!

Taiwan is a country island located off the coast of southwest of Okinawa, Japan and north of the Philippines, and is known formally as the Republic of China (ROC) since 1945. Besides its crowded cities, Taiwan is also known for steep mountains and lush forests. While the political status of Taiwan is a somewhat controversial and sensitive issue, from a traveller's point of view, Taiwan is under the de facto control of a different government from mainland China, and in practice operates as a separate state. This is not a political endorsement of the claims of any side of the dispute.


timezone - UTC +0800H   capital - Taipei    language - Mandarin    currency - Dollar (TWD)
requirements: (1) passport with at least 6 months remaining validity, (2) Confirmed seat reservation for departure flight, (3) A proof of accommodation (hotel) booking and sufficient travel funds. (Not determined by immigration officers at ports of entry in the ROC to be otherwise ineligible.) (4) Before arriving in Taiwan, please complete an online immigration arrival card on the website of the National Immigration Agency.

1. Taiwan is the size of Belgium but has 23 million residents.
2. Taiwan’s official title is the Republic of China (RoC).
3. Only 2.3% of the Taiwanese population is native.
4. Taiwan made gay marriage legal in 2019.
5. Taiwan’s Taipei 101 building was the tallest building in the world

Taiwanese (Mandarin) Basic Phrases:
Yes = shi 是 / No = bu shi 不是       Excuse me = duei bu chi 對不起        Good morning = zai an 早安
Thank you = xie xie 謝謝        Please = ching 請        Good afternoon = wu an 午安
Hello = ni hao 你好        Goodbye = zai jian 再見        Good night = wan an 晚安

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Spring Season Taiwan

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Spring Season Taiwan

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Spring Season Taiwan


International Flight Tickets total = ₱7,376 / Cash Safety (5,000 NTD at ₱1.80 = ₱9,000)
Total: PHP 7,376

0100H ETD Home; grab taxi ₱642
0230H ETA NAIA T3; Airport Tax / breakfast ₱1,779
0650H ETD Manila MNL UTC +0800H; flight 5J312
0900H ETA Taipei TPE UTC +0800H; Easy Card 100; Payment load (1,500); Airport Express 150
1030H Taipei Main Station; snacks 160
1106H Train #2183 Taipei to Chiayi (5.25hrs) 385
1623H Chiayi; Light Hostel 1 night 454; Song of the Forest, Chiayi Plaza, Wenhua night market, Street food Dinner 100
TOTAL: ₱2,421 + $1,349

0745H Hostel check-out; walk to bus station
0806H Bus #7322 Chiayi to Alishan 211
1015H Alishan; snacks 130; Alishan Forest Park sakura walk 150
1300H Bus #6739 Alishan to Tataka (Yushan) 60
Overnight in Dongpu Lodge 400; dinner 70
TOTAL: $1,501

0545H Dongpu Lodge (2,563masl) 0.5km
0600H Paiyun Center (2,611masl) free wifi; Trail to Tataka Saddle (3km)
0645H Tataka Saddle (2,610masl)
0740H Monroe Pavillion (2,792masl)
0930H White Forest Viewing Deck (3,042masl)
1150H Paiyun Lodge (3,402masl) 8.5km
1230H Trail to Yushan Main Peak
1430H Main Peak crossroad 
1515H Mt. Jade Main Peak (3,952masl) 2.4km
1545H Back to Paiyun Lodge 
1715H Paiyun Lodge; dinner / sleeping bag 650
TOTAL: $650

0300H wake-up; breakfast
0345H Paiyun Lodge (3,402masl)
0730H Tataka Saddle (2,610masl)
0800H Paiyun Center (2,611masl) free wifi 
1030H Bus #6739 Shangdongpu to Alishan 62
1100H Alishan; snacks 163
1140H Bus #7322 Alishan to Chiayi 211
1340H Chiayi Railway Station
1347H Train #3207 Chiayi to Kaohsiung 158
1620H Kaohsiung; Sugamo Hostel 1 night 333; Metro to Zuoying station 14
Zouying Lotus Pond (Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Yoandi Temple, Spring and Autumn Pavilions)
1905H metro to Kaohsiung station 14; Liuhe Night Market night walk; dinner 429
TOTAL: $1,384

0700H wake-up; breakfast 
Metro to Yamchengpu 17; 7-11 breakfast 60; The Pier2 Art Center
Metro to Aozidi 22; Love River; Metro to Kaohsiung 17; Yoshinoya 125
1115H Train #516 Kaohsiung to Taipei 650
1715H Taipei; Wow Hostel 3 nights $1,441; Chiang Kai Chek Square; food trip night walk 585
TOTAL: $2,917

0630H wake-up; breakfast 120
0730H Train #1128 to Keelung 37
0830H Keelung; bus #101 to Heping Island; Bus #101/102 to Heping Island Stop 15; Heping Island Park 120
1030H Bus #101/102 to Keelung 15; Bus #790 to Yehliu stop 15; Yehliu Geopark 120; souvenir magnets 80
1400H Bus #1815 to Taipei 113
1530H Taipei; Yoshinoya 339; night trip 400
TOTAL: $1,374

0800H MRT to Tamsui red stn 50; breakfast 60
0930H Bus 875/876/877 to Tianyuan 11; Tianyuan Temple
1030H Bus 875/876/877 to Tamsui stn 11; MRT to Taipei 101 red stn 55
Taipei 101, Sun Yat Sen Park; McDonald's 179; Walk to Chiang Kai Chek Square; snacks 64
1700H CKCMH Changing of the Guards; dinner 234
TOTAL: $714

0730H wake-up; start walk tour from Hostel; Lungshan Temple, Botanical garden; brunch 239
Food trip 465; McDonald's 185
2200H ETD Taipei; Airport Express 150
2245H ETA Airport; immigration check-in 
TOTAL: $1,039

Day 0: April 18, 2023 Tuesday
0215H ETD Taipei UTC +0800H; flight 5J311
0445H ETA Manila UTC +0800H; grab taxi 660
TOTAL: ₱700

DAILY TOTAL: ₱2,421 + $1,349 + $1,501 +$650 + $1,384 + $2,917 + $1,374 + $714 +$1,039 + ₱660 = ₱3,121 + $10,928 (credit card exchange rate 1 NTD = 1.86 PHP)

GRAND TOTAL: ₱7,376 + ₱3,081 + ₱9,000 + ₱11,026 = ₱30,483 (565 USD)

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Spring Season Taiwan

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Spring Season Taiwan

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Spring Season Taiwan

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Spring Season Taiwan


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