Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Yanggakdo Hotel: one of the Best Hotels in North Korea with a Casino

Yanggakdo Hotel is what other parts of the world would consider 5-star, having 47 floors and over 1,000 rooms to welcome guests who are interested in exploring the city. It is conveniently located on Yanggak Island in the middle of the Taedong River, giving guests a nice, romantic view of the surrounding environment of the island.

People aren't allowed to wander the streets without a tour guide and thankfully, Yanggkado Hotel is filled with facilities that can keep tourists occupied when they'd rather explore the city at night. There's a ping pong room, bowling alley, as well as a sauna and a tea room (which serves cold beer) for those who want to relax before going to bed. For the visitors who want to sing their hearts out, they can do so in one of the karaoke rooms at the hotel.

While gambling is highly regulated in the DPRK, Yanggakdo has a casino for tourists. The "Casino Pyongyang," which is being operated by a Macau-based company, is located at the hotel’s basement. The Egyptian-themed gaming area has several table games for those who fancy Sic Bo or Blackjack, as well as slot machines for those who want to take a trip down memory lane. The slots in Yanggakdo hotel are all operated by levers on the side of the machines, which is a rare sight given that all casino machines today are now played using a series of buttons. Reputable online provider, Gala Casino, slots have obviously evolved, having theme-based slots on trending musical shows and comic book icons such as Superman, Batman and Green Lantern. But despite the age of Casino Pyongyang’s slots, they’re still enjoyable to play and all of the machines are licensed to a gaming company, which checks the integrity of the machines regularly.

The Yanggakdo Hotel: one of the Best Hotels in North Korea with a Casino

Outside the Yanggakdo Hotel, guests can enjoy the warmth of the sun while playing a nine-hole golf game. As Uritours have previously mentioned, playing golf in North Korea is a great and hassle-free experience because guests get to have their own caddy, as well as enjoy no tee times or waits. It's like having your own private course for golf games that run for only about 20 Euros a round.

To get a short glimpse of the hotel, you may view this short video hosted on YouTube.


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