Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hamburg City Tour last part; other Tourist Spots

Central Europe 6th part: 5-days in traveling solo in Germany
October 20 to October 24, 2013

Hamburg is not only Germany's largest sea ports but also one of the largest harbours in the World, although it is almost 120 kilometers away from the sea. Every year in May the harbour celebrates (Hafengeburstag) not surprisingly the largest maritime spectacle in the world, where tug bullets and ship parades entice millions of visitors to the banks of Elbe.

The Bismarck Monument is a monument located in the St. Pauli quarter. It is dedicated to Otto von Bismarck, and is one of 250 memorials to Bismarck worldwide. St. Jacobi Church founded in  the 13th century and home to the famous Arp Schnitger organ. St. Catherine Church is built between 1350-1420. On the outer wall of the 115 meters high tower you will find the figure of St. Catherine. St. Petri Church is the oldest church in the city, founded probably around 11th century. A 132 meter high tower can be reached via 544 steps. Rathaus is a splendid sand stone building in the style of the historicism wit h647 rooms. The seats of the legislative assembly and cabinet of Hamburg.

Hamburg City tour (Bismarck Monument)

Hamburg City tour (St. Jacobi Church)

Hamburg City tour (St. Katharina Church)

Hamburg City tour (St. George)

Hamburg City tour (St. Petri Church)

Hamburg City tour (Rathaus)

Hamburg City tour (Speicherstadtmuseum)

Hamburg City tour (Landungsbrucken)

Hamburg City tour (Landungsbrucken)

Hamburg City tour (Reeperbahn)

Hamburg City tour (Reeperbahn)

Hamburg City tour (Landungsbrucken)

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