Saturday, July 26, 2014

Budget Food Trips; Central Europe Specials

observations during the Autumn Solo Backpacking trip
October 10 to November 02, 2013

Sizzling Red Light District; Central Europe specials

I made these post to see the difference of budget food trips in Central Europe in comparison to backpacking other group of nations as a Filipino budget solo backpacker.

1. (kebab, wrap) in france cost 5e. 250ml water is 1e, beer is 1.5e.
2. In Switzerland, 8.9chf mcdeal, bottle drink 2.5chf.

3. In Luxembourg, 3.5e for cheeseburger meal
4. In Brussels, meals are almost same with Luxembourg. Waffle 1e, beer 1.5e
5. In Amsterdam, bus fee costs 2e, meals same with Brussels.
6. Bottle water costs 1.5e, toilet fee 0.5e

budget food trip in Brussels (waffle at 3 Euro)

budget food trip in Brussels (local chocolates)

budget food trip in Versailles

budget food trip in Paris

budget food trip in Fussen (currywurst meal at 5 Euro)

budget food trip in Cologne

budget food trip in Milan

budget food trip in Florence

budget food trip in Prague

budget food trip in Prague

Fascinating Street Arts; Central Europe specials


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