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Failaka Island Solo Relaxation

another ferry trip on the Persian gulf
April 20, 2013 Saturday

Failaka Island is an island that belongs to Kuwait in the Persian Gulf. The island is 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City in the Persian Gulf. The name "Failaka" is thought to be derived from the ancient Greek fylakio(n) "outpost". The few remaining local residents are mostly those Failakawans who lived with their families on the island prior to the Iraqi Invasion of 1990.

how to go here;

from Farwaniya, just take a bus #66 or if from Mubarakiya, just take a bus #15 then alight to Holiday Inn salmiya intersection road. bus fare only cost 250fils and is very, very safe. Walk 300m away from this hotel going to the other side until you saw docking port. Ferry cruise from Salmiya port to Failaka Island and vice versa is approximately 1.75 to 2 hours.

Ferry fare cost (roundtrip);

1- Private car ( up to 6m ) 20 KD including the driver
2- Company or ministry car ( up to 6m ) 37.500 KD
3- Passengers 3KD each

* it is a must to book in advance. Please call +965-2232-8698 for reservation.

Wanasa beach in Failaka Island

Failaka Island KPTC ferry schedule (april 2013)

Salmiya port entrance gate

KPTC Ferry trip ticket roundtrip

inside Salmiya port terminal

Budget and Safety Tips in cruising to Failaka Island:

1. email KPTC for whole month allocated ferry schedule.
2. choose the schedule with 4 hours duration of stay to maximize time of relaxation and strolling.
3. bring drinking water, camera, and any head gear for heat protection. There are convenience store available also but selling at a high price.
4. MUST arrive at least 1 hour before the departure time if no booking was made. I went there walk-in only as a single passenger so somehow no problem at all.
5. decent passenger seat with shade is very limited only so aboard as earlier as you can.
6. Staff is nice and accommodating but mostly cannot understand english. Tourists are mostly teen locals and expats.
7. island itself is very, very safe. I went inside the island by bus but walk only on going back to port.
8. Again, arrive early in Failaka island port at least 30 minutes before departure time to have good selection of seat.
9. Weekend is peaktime and winter season is the best time.

KPTC Failaka Island Ferry trip weekend day-tour

KPTC Failaka Island Ferry trip weekend day-tour


0945H ETD Farwaniya
Bus #66 going to Holiday Inn Salmiya (250fils)
1045H ETA Holiday Inn Salmiya
Walk approximately 300m to Salmiya port
Ferry fare roundtrip fare (3kd)
Bought 2 waters & 1 soda outside (500fils)
1200H ETD Salmiya port
1345H ETA Failaka Island
Bus going to Wanasa beach (500fils)
Wanasa beach entrance fee (2kd)
relaxation and refreshments (750fils)
1700H ETD beach
walk approximately 1km to Failaka island port
1745H ETD Failaka Island port
1930H ETA Salmiya
Dinner in kfc (1.250kd)
2100H ETD Salmiya
Bus #66 going to Farwaniya (250fils)


Failaka Island terminal

Wanasa beach in Failaka Island

Wanasa beach in Failaka Island


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