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Last Stamp to Cebu City (lakbay rizal final leg)

2nd flashpacking around the visayas region in 2 days
september 24-25, 2011 saturday-sunday

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly
additional task: finalizing my lakbay-rizal quest, completing the 26 stamps in 2 months

iloilo-dumaguete-cebu on weekend only
iloilo city morning drive (lakbay rizal final leg)
ferry and bus trip from iloilo to dumaguete

dumaguete city short stroll (lakbay rizal final leg)
going alone to casaroro falls


ferry and bus trip from dumaguete city (negros oriental) to cebu city (cebu) has estimated travel time of 5.5 hours combined (without side trip). i left dumaguete city at exactly 1120H then arrived to cebu city south terminal at around 1700H. earliest bus trip to depart is 0315H, then, 0500H, 0835H, 1120H and 1400H, at php200 fare. after 40 minutes, we arrived in the dumaguete port, php70 for the ferry fare on 30-minute journey.

dumaguete ceres bus terminal

ferry going to cebu province

arrived at 1700H in cebu city and just infront of the terminal i rode a multicab bound to pier then dropped-off to pier 1 where fort san pedro is located. finally, after over 2 months of navigating the entire required stamp, i am walking slowly with full of smile and joyful flashback towards the 26th and final lakbay-rizal site. fort san pedro opens 0700-2000H, stamp site is the admission desk, located inside the fort. you have to pay for php30 entrance before having the last piece that this quest a fun-filled travel. at 1725H, i obtained the complete lakbay rizal passport with 26 important places on Dr. Jose Rizal's traveling experience in the philippines. from ncr, to regions 4, 3, 9, 5, 6 and 7.

SAN PEDRO FORT - The S.S. EspaƱa docked in Cebu on August 2, 1896 for a routine one-day stop over. After breakfast on board, Commander Carcinero took Rizal under custody to the Spanish Military Commander of Cebu, Gen. Adulfo Montero in the Military Headquarters located in Fort San Pedro.

fort san pedro, final stamp for lakbay rizal

fort san pedro, final stamp for lakbay rizal

fort san pedro, final stamp for lakbay rizal

by the way, fort san pedro is the oldest and smallest fort in the Philippines.

instead of taking an expensive travel mode on taxi which suggested by most of the locals in taking my way to the airport, i still research for a possible cheapest public transportation available. from fort san pedro, i just walked at estimated 500 meters away going to pier 3 where a ferry bound to lapu-lapu city is available, last trip at 2200H and fare at php13 (including php1 terminal fee). then, rode a multicab bound to savemore at php7 fare and then went to multicab terminal going to airport at another php7 trip.

ferry going to lapu-lapu city

sunday itinerary and expenses;
0545H ETD inn
jeep bound to valencia (12)
0630H ETA valencia
habal-habal to casaroro (150)
0800H ETA valencia
jeep bound to dumaguete (12)
0830H ETA dumaguete
breakfast (35)
city stroll
1000H ETD inn
walk to ceres bus terminal
a/c bus to cebu (180)
1120H ETD dumaguete
1200H ETA dumaguete port
ferry ticket (70)
1240H ETD dumaguete port
1310H ETA cebu (bato) port
1400H ETD cebu (bato) port
1700H ETA cebu city south terminal
multicab bound to pier drop-off to pier 1 (7)
fort san pedro - 26th/final lakbay rizal site
fort san pedro admission - stamp site (30)
1745H ETD fort san pedro
walk to pier 3 ferry terminal
ferry bound to lapu-lapu city (11)
1840H ETD cebu
1900H ETA lapu-lapu
multicab bound to savemore (7)
multicab bound to airport (7)
1940H ETA airport
terminal fee (200)
zestair cebu-manila regular fare (1,665)
snacks (45)
2105H ETD cebu (20 mins earlier)
2200H ETA manila domestic terminal

subtotal expenses:  PhP 2,471

TOTAL: 3,129 (sat) + 2,471 (sun) = PhP5,600

lakbay rizal update;
26 of 26 done... ncr, regions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 finished.


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