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Mt. Pulag Funhike, a Determined Planner's Pursuit (2010) 1st part

PEx Fun Climbers Club (PFCC)
another rainy trekking adventure
august 27-29, 2010 friday-sunday

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Mt. Pulag National Park

after 42 days of planning... 28 joiners confirmed... only 17 stand-out...
here it was .......

it begun after we trekked and achieved the success of mt. pinatubo fun-climbing, which incidentally i was a co-planner too. i saw my travel comrades how they conquer the trail on a happy-go-lucky basis, means we went there despite of the bad weather, no pre-climb orientation and push-the-limit spirit. i asked them if they wanna advance for the next level, they said undoubtedly 'yes', and so the drive has started.

our joyride to mt. pulag

PFCC beside ambuclao dam

ambuclao dam side trip

After all the mobile phone loads wasted, day-to-day confirmation to all the personnels involved, weather status monitoring and mountaineering gears checking, the moment has finally arrived. the most heart-pounding gathering i have ever assembled, imagine 17 beginner castaways, 12 of them were totally strangers, no preliminary meet-ups, no hike warm-ups, all were 1st timers to conquer that summit, no PROFITS gained not a single cent and only 1 dare to ask how's the planning going.. (thanks to this lady for that courageous effort to make this event more successful). of course, it was really hard to ask anybody from the group to have a request to do this or that and asked 'of all the participants why me, why not him/her', knowing the conditions i have mentioned.

But somehow, even though they don't know what's going on, i am very thankful to each of everyone for the trust and the cooperation they had spent during the entire planning. i miss how we trekked, how we jive and scrutinized ourselves in a short amount of time. i don't know if we can be together again....

along the trail

trailing the 1st campsite to mt. pulag


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